Monday, May 12, 2008

Brittney Griner Blog

Brittney Griner Height: 6'7"
High School: Nimitz (Houston, TX)
State: Texas
Position: C
PPG: 23
Position Rank: 2
Nat'l Rank: 2
Class: 2009


Averaged 23 points, 11 rebounds, 6 blocks as sophomore at Nimitz (Houston, TX)

At the tender age of 16, prep

Brittney Griner's fame began growing as a 15 year old sophomore on January 24, 2007 when a YouTuber posted a video of her dunking six times in a team practice game. That Internet video has since spread like wildfire elevating her to near legendary status.

Through the first 25 games of the 2006-2007 season, Griner averaged 23 points, 10.5 rebounds and 6.1 blocks. She also shot 65 percent from the field. At that point the team was (20-5). Her efforts were particularly surprising because three of the Cougars starters were sidelined by injuries and she was constantly double-and-triple-teamed.

As a sophomore in one of her triple-double games she scored 32 points, 16 rebounds and 13 blocks as the Cougars defeated Houston Memorial, 49-38.

2007-2008 Junior Season:
According to sources, Brittney Griner leads
Texas 5A girls basketball in points, rebounds and blocks, and is the number two ranked junior in the nation. To date she has led her team to a 28-7 winning record averaging 25 points, 12.4 rebounds, and 6.5 blocks per game. She is also shooting 63 percent from the field and thus far has posted 4 triple-doubles and 30 double-doubles

Brittney Griner has finally chosen her college. She will be attending Baylor University. Baylor University is Ranked 2nd is womens "Big 12" basketball. Her overwhelming combination of defense and offense just might be what the Baylor Bears need to rank 1st and win the championship.

If Brittney Griner her 6'11 expectation she will be the biggest player in Big 12 and women's basketball.

Brittney Griner attended Baylor's women's basketball camp over the weekend and knew she wanted to become a Lady Bear. She can't sign a letter of intent until November 2008. Until then, oral commitments are non-binding.

Brittney Griner said that won't be a problem, though.

"Absolutely. I'm staying with Baylor," Griner said. "Nobody can change my mind. I haven't heard anything from any other coach."

Baylor coaches cannot comment on recruits, according to NCAA rules. Brittney Griner said she chose Baylor over Tennessee because she wants her family to attend as many games as possible.

After her signing ceremony Wednesday, Griner left the Nimitz school library, ducking underneath the door frame so as not to bump her head. In contrast, there appears to be no ceiling for her potential as a basketball player.
Tuesday night, on the eve of her signing, Griner set a national record by blocking 25 shots in a season-opening win over Alief Hastings.
She added 13 rebounds and 21 points, including eight points on rim-rattling, crowd-pleasing dunks.
It’s in those above-the-rim throwdowns where Griner sets herself apart from the typical recruit. Though players like WNBA stars Lisa Leslie and Candace Parker have proven to be dunking pioneers in the women’s game, Griner is unique in that she doesn’t need an unencumbered path to the basket in order to hammer one down.


Anonymous said...

Brittney Griner is awesome! She will be a star. I can't believe that high school girls are dunking now. The WNBA has potential.

Anonymous said...

I love her. Im 15 too and she is my idol.

Anonymous said...

Her dunk videos are more impressive than the WNBA highlight commercials.

Anonymous said...

She's the female Shaq! I cant wait to watch her play.

Anonymous said...

keep it real Brittney

maybe you'll out do the famous Lauren Jackson one day


Yopikahey said...


I am french

you're talented and you dunk!

you will be a WNBA star!

Bonne chance et continue de dunker sur des tĂȘtes!

Twin said...

Brittney You ROCK!!!! We LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Britt keep up the good work, show us some 3 pointers and your a shoe in on any wnba team.

CISCO NYC said...

Yeah your height is over powering, but your heart and determination will get you further. Do as Michael Jordan did... stay focused your whole career. Play for your team, not the stats.


Anonymous said...

I think once Brittney get full control of her long body she will be unstoppable. She still looks a little awkward under pressure but she is still so young.

Anonymous said...

Thats a man her vice is deeper than Prince. The ncaa better check him out.

Anonymous said...

This Brittney is a dude!!!!!!! 100% guy!!!!!